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Welcome to our school! - IBIS

The Independent Bonn International School (IBIS) has been the preferred choice of many parents for over 50 years and it continues to offer a first rate education for children from both the local and the international communities. IBIS is situated in a residential, leafy suburb of Bonn-Bad Godesberg and enjoys a well-resourced, purpose built school.

The experienced, settled staff, coupled with a tried and tested academic programme, give a solid foundation to children for their schooling at and after IBIS. Not only are our children given a good grounding in basic skills, they have a breadth of education which is important for their academic and social development. All of this is achieved in a nurturing atmosphere where both the individual and the team are encouraged.

The school is a member of the Council of British Independent Schools (COBIS) and is inspected regularly by the Independent Schools Inspectorate (ISI). It is also inspected and approved by the German Education Authorities as an alternative to their own schools. IBIS also belongs to the European Council of International Schools (ECIS), the Council of International Schools (CIS) and the Allied German International Schools (AGIS).

A great deal of information can be found on the website, but, if you are interested in sending your child to IBIS, please come and visit us, look behind the pictures and experience the real school.

Educated side by side, untroubled from infancy by divisive prejudices, acquainted with all that is great and good in the different cultures, it will be borne in upon them as they mature that they belong together. Without ceasing to look to their own lands with love and pride, they will become in mind citizens of the world, schooled and ready to complete and consolidate the work of generations before them, bringing into being a thriving global community.“

The above statement, adapted from a quote by Jean Monnet, beautifully encapsulates our view of international education.

Our vision is for Excellence in Education. To achieve this we will maintain happy learners in our community through our values of creativity; respect; kindness; courage; fairness; honesty and transparency.

Mission Statement
Our purpose is to facilitate an education which develops the whole child - academically, socially, morally, emotionally and physically, in an atmosphere of honesty, tolerance and respect for others and themselves.

Philip WhartonHeadteacher

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I.B.I.S. Independent Bonn International School

  • Tulpenbaumweg 42
  • D-53177 Bonn
  • Telephone: +49 (0) 228 323166
  • Email: ibis@ibis-school.com

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