School with a friendly atmosphere

Location and Facilities

The school is purpose-built in pleasant, rural surroundings on the Heiderhof, a quiet residential area of Bonn-Bad Godesberg, within easy reach of both the city of Bonn and the Rhine. By car, the school is only 5 minutes from the town centre of Bad Godesberg and 15 minutes from the centre of Bonn.

The school is also very close to the excellent public bus service with the regular 611 and 613 buses stopping very near to the school. These buses connect with the U-Bahn (Underground) at the Stadthalle or Rheinallee and Bad Godesberg railway station.

Every class has its own classroom. In addition we have:



  • A school hall used for whole school assemblies, drama, concerts and lunches Extra rooms for English as an Additional Language (EAL), Learning Development and German
  • A well resourced music room
  • A well equipped kitchen
  • A well stocked library with over 3000 books and digital media
  • Administrative offices
  • Smaller classrooms for group learning
  • An interactive whiteboard in each classroom
  • A fully equipped sports hall situated one minute’s walk from the school and shared with our neighbouring German primary school
  • A uniform shop
  • We have a large hard-surfaced playground, a soft-fall sports area as well as shaded play areas.
  • These provide splendid recreational facilities and are also used for outdoor sports.
  • We have various climbing frames, including a large wooden multi-game construction generously donated by the VIP`s (Volunteer IBIS parents).

The school also has access to both a local sports ground and tennis courts, 5 minutes away.


Physical education (P.E.) takes place in a modern and fully-equipped sports hall situated three minutes’ walk from the school. This is shared with our neighbouring German primary school, with which we have various links. The youngest children in the school do their P.E. in our own school dedicated room.

We have a soft fall sports area, a large hard-surfaced playground as well as other shady areas under the trees. These provide splendid recreational facilities and can be used for outdoor sports. There are different climbing frames and other equipment, some of which has been donated by the VPs (volunteer parents).

The school also has access to a local sports ground and tennis courts five minutes’ walk away. Years 4 to 6 are taken by bus to the local swimming pool for lessons.


Our regularly updated library is a friendly place and is well-stocked with over 5,000 books, both fiction and non-fiction and a selection of audio CDs. It has junior and early learning areas although children often choose from both. Older children can access the computerised catalogue to check on book availability.

Each class has a weekly library session and we have a librarian who helps with book selection and reads stories to some of the younger classes. The librarian runs a weekly lunchtime Library Club where children can change books, read, talk about books or read the weekly children’s newspaper. There is also a weekly after-school parent/child session, where parents can become library members and borrow children’s books. A book company also exhibits twice a year.

Information and Communications Technology (ICT) and New Media

ICT at our school doesn’t involve making sure our students know how to use every piece of technology, software or app, but rather ensuring that they know how to use the correct tool to suit the purpose and be able to confidently learn and work with future technologies.

Students of all ages have access to guided use of PCs, laptops and iPads. Aside from the shared iPads and laptops the whole school has access to, each classroom has its own PC, several iPads and an interactive whiteboard.


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