English language at I.B.I.S.

Learning in English

All of the class teachers at our school are either native English speakers or native standard English speakers. In contrast to most German primary schools, where English is a subject among many, here it is the context: the majority of school life takes place in English.

Aside from lessons specifically held in other languages (in our German department or Spanish and French lessons for instance), all other subjects, and the majority of social interactions, are conducted in English. Our students don’t just learn English in lessons, they learn the living, breathing language that will give them an invaluable advantage. 

Does my child have to speak English when they start at I.B.I.S.?

In short: no!

Our school welcomes students from a huge range of backgrounds, and provides ample support to those who need it to reach the standard they need to join in academically and socially.

English as an Additional Language (EAL), is an integral part of school life for students who don’t speak English – it is a safe and encouraging subject where children are introduced to our common language. We would be happy to present the details of our EAL programme to you in a personal meeting.

As a parent / carer do I have to speak English?

It’s helpful to have some understanding, as whole school communications are in English, but it’s certainly not essential. There are plenty of German (and French and Spanish…) speakers amongst the staff who are always happy to help parents to communicate with the school.

Will my child learn German?

Yes. From Year 1 (age 5) onwards, all children are taught German. The children are divided into native speakers (DaM) and non-native (DaF). As befitting our Ersatzschule status, the German lessons are based on the North Rhine-Westphalian curriculum from the start.

As the students move into older year groups, students have the option of expanding their German studies to include other subjects, with the goal being to make the move to a high-quality secondary school as smooth as possible.