Digital Infrastructure

Technology in Learning

From Kindergarten to Year 7 & 8

At I.B.I.S, the Computing curriculum is available to all learners, from the children aged 3 in Kindergarten all the way up to Year 8 at age 13. Our youngest learners in the first two years of school explore different types of technology and how to use them for different purposes. From Year 1, Computing appears as a distinct hour-long class on the weekly timetable and this frequency of explicit instruction remains all the way through the rest of the school.

Digital and Online at I.B.I.S.

Planned lessons, delivered by our qualified staff, teach the children skills from using the internet safely, for databases and communication, to coding skills, building secure passwords and navigating Cloud-based storage.

Our professional team and our up – to – date IT infrastructure and equipment enabled I.B.I.S. to provide online and cloud-based home-schooling for all year groups within a few days after the announcement of the first lockdown in 2020.

The Children faced the challenge of digital learning with courage, backed up with knowledge of how to use digital equipment and systems which they had learned from an early age at school.

We aim for online learning to be fun as well as to support academic development.

Online learning is considered compulsory and maintains the individualised concept of the school during lockdown period.

Last but not least, our daily school communication also contributes to children´s interest in the digital world at an early age: Whether through the online bulletin, e-mail correspondence, social media or the parent portal; I.B.I.S. also lives digitally.


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