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Education and School Life

It’s a busy day packed with purposeful activity for all our pupils, from the youngest to the oldest. A wide variety of activities is open to the children both during and after the normal school day.

The school is well known for its musical productions throughout the year and every week there is a musical or class assembly for the whole school. Parents and friends are always welcome to come along (at the risk of having to participate!). Visitors are also welcome to attend. These performances also give an insight into the atmosphere of the school.

School with a friendly atmosphere


I.B.I.S. School Year


The school year begins in late August or early September and is divided into three terms:

1. Autumn Term: August/September – December
2. Spring Term: January – March/April
3. Summer Term: April – June/July

The major holidays include Christmas and Easter and there is usually a one-week holiday halfway through each term (half-term break).
Local German public holidays and most local school holidays are observed. This gives a school year of approximately 36 weeks or 180 days.

School Hours

In our Kindergarten and Reception classes, day begins at 8:40 and ends at 15:00, or at 12:00 for a half day place in Kindergarten.

School for classes from Year 1 to Year 6 takes place from Monday to Friday from 8:40 until 15:20. Years 7 and 8 begin their day at 8:30 and finish at 15:20.

Lunch and breaks are staggered to allow everyone a chance to eat and play calmly. Lunch starts from 12:00 and lasts till 13:10. Pupils can take advantage of our Hot Lunch Programme or bring their own packed lunch.


Children can arrive at school from 8:00 and attend the pre-school supervision or at 8:30 by which time there is an adult supervising the playground. At 15:30 any child who has not been collected waits for his/her parents in the reception area of the school office. We also offer an after-school supervision from Monday – Thursday until 17:30 and until 17:00 on Friday where the children can participate in craft activities, do their homework or simply socialise with other pupils.

If pupils are attending an extra-curricular activity or club, they are picked up as soon as it is over.

Our Uniform

School uniform is compulsory, and we are happy to explain why: a school uniform fosters a strong sense of community and shared purpose among our students, while ensuring that wearing the ‚right‘ or ‚wrong‘ clothes and brands never becomes an issue.

Our school uniform is provided by DRESS FOR SCHOOL, a leading supplier of high quality uniforms.

To order uniform items online, please click here.

For further information, please contact Mrs Sonja Williams at



Extra-Curricular and After-School Activities

We aim to enrich the lives of our students with our range of extra-curricular activities.

Some of our extra-curricular activities have been created to support core subject work, but more often than not they focus on interests not necessarily covered in the curriculum. We’d like to spark an interest, and foster confidence and skills that carry beyond our school, and – as much as possible, have fun while we do it.

Extra-curricular activities and clubs take place either at lunchtime or after school and are run by a mix of staff and external partners. Those at lunchtime are cost-free, while those after school carry a fee which varies depending to the activity. These activities vary every year.

Students with their own ideas for a lunchtime club are also very much encouraged.

The latest schedule for clubs can be seen here.

Please note this schedule is subject to change – for the latest information please contact us at:

We also offer pre-school supervision to all of our students from 08:00 every morning. You can register for that using this form. To find out more about this service, please email



Healthy, fresh and delicious

Lunch is delivered fresh every day by a local catering company, Lehmanns, and currently costs €3.65 per meal. Students can choose between two options every day, each of which always includes a fresh salad and dessert. The school is nut free, this includes lunches provided by Lehmanns.

Students who have not ordered a hot lunch can bring a packed lunch. As drinks are not included, all children should bring a drink with them for lunch and snack time, but no carbonated drinks or glass bottles!

Too much sugar isn’t just bad for our health, but it impacts on concentration and learning too, which is why we discourage sweets and products with too much added sugar at school.

The menu is created in cooperation with the I.B.I.S. team and is constantly being developed with the needs of our students in mind. Via our online ordering system, all lunch options can be conveniently viewed and selected by parents.Orders can only be placed up to a week in advance. The order period ends Monday 12 noon for the following week. Since we have to place all orders for the next week in the required quantity in good time, we ask for the order to be received on time.

You can conveniently order the meal in advance here.

Thank you!
Your I.B.I.S. Lunch Team

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