Corona Guidelines

Updated on 26/04/22

My child is showing symptoms.

Sick children should not be in school. Children with fever, or any symptoms which indicate an acute, infectious and contagious illness, should not be cared for in school. This is in order to protect the employees, other children and the child who is sick.

There is a positive self-test for my child.

Please carry out a control test in the form of a PCR test or a rapid test at a test centre. Until the results of the control test are available, your child should avoid contact with other people.

My child has a positive PCR test or rapid test from a test centre.

Please inform the school. Your child must not leave your household and must avoid contact with others.

The obligation to isolate applies automatically. A positive result of a rapid test in a test centre can be verified with a PCR test, in which case the result of the of the PCR test must be used. In principle, isolation ends ten days after the positive test was carried out. If symptoms were initially observed and a positive test was performed 48 hours after the onset of the first symptoms, the ten days of isolation end after the onset of symptoms. If symptoms persist, the isolation must be continued.

After seven days, the child can be tested by means of a rapid antigen test in a centre or by a PCR test if the child has been symptom-free for 48 hours. The test can be carried out on the 7th day of isolation at the earliest.

A person infected with Corona lives in the household (positive PCR test or positive rapid test from a test centre).

Your child must always remain in quarantine, i.e. he or she must not leave the household and must avoid contact with other people. The quarantine obligation applies automatically and is not ordered by the health authority. The quarantine ends after ten days at the latest. After five days, the child can be tested by means of an antigen rapid test in a test centre or by means of a PCR test.

The test can be carried out on the 5th day of quarantine at the earliest.

When calculating the duration of quarantine, the first full day counts as day 1, i.e. the day of testing or symptom onset is not counted.

What are the exceptions to quarantine?

The following persons are exempt from quarantine due to their previous immunisation.

  • Persons with a booster vaccination, a total of three vaccinations required.
  • Vaccinated convalescents (vaccinated persons with a breakthrough infection or
  • Convalescents who have received a vaccination following the disease)
  • Persons vaccinated twice from the 15th day after the second vaccination until the 90th day after vaccination (the need for two vaccinations also applies to the Johnson & Johnson vaccine).
  • Recovered persons from the 29th day until the 90th day from the date of collection of the positive test
  • These regulations on quarantine exemptions naturally also apply to children. Please note that infection cannot be completely ruled out despite immunisation. Even as an immunised person, be aware of symptoms after contact with a person infected with Corona and have yourself tested regularly.
  • Infected persons must always be kept in isolation.

Should you have any further questions, please don’t hesitate to ask our office.