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I.B.I.S. School Association e.V.

Our School Association e.V.

Independent Bonn International School is a private school recognised as a non-profit organisation under German law. It is managed in the legal form of the “registered association”. All parents of active students are entitled to become members of the school association. 

The association is managed by a board, which is predominantly elected by association members. Members of the board also include the employee representatives (elected by the school staff) and the school management. 

The board is responsible for the entire school policy towards its members and informs them at least once a year in a general meeting about its activities. It meets at regular intervals, at present once a month, for advice and resolutions.

All members are cordially invited to get involved in the school board.

Andreas von Medem


Avetis Avagyan 

Vice Chairperson

Fiorella Rios


Katharina Ponto


Jill Renée Arboleda

Elected Member

Tara O’Shea


Kate Ferrow

Deputy Head

Brooke Baker

Staff representative