We were visited recently by the Council of British International Schools (COBIS). They spoke to staff, board members, parents and children, saw our facilities, attended many hours of classroom activity, and received a huge amount of evidence from the school.

It was a massively rewarding experience for everyone at the school, but there is no doubt it is also a rigorous process, one in which COBIS truly got to know us inside out.

As a result, we are very proud to have received ‘Patron’s Accreditation’, the highest level of accreditation they offer, with COBIS judging us to be compliant with all of the standards they set forth. It’s a great achievement – our staff, board, families, students and community as a whole have shone throughout, but beyond compliance, we are especially delighted to have received particular commendation in several areas.

The below quotes have been lifted from the report summary (the whole summary can be downloaded here): this is our school in the eyes of the experts who visited us.

Commended for quality of our teaching and learning

“The school recognises that their core business is teaching and that the quality of this helps to define the school. The school celebrates and supports the development of high-quality learning and teaching for all students and encourages positive attitudes to learning.”

“…creativity that is evident in the classroom and the copybooks.”

“The excellent rapport between the teachers and the children and the teaching staff.”

Awarded ‘Beacon School’ status (something for other schools to aspire to) for wellbeing

“The school has a very effective approach to wellbeing, which combines a strong family atmosphere of caring and fun, with its seven values and the rigorous structure of the Mental Health in Schools Award. It has been described as “warm hearted professionalism”.

“The school provides a safe and supportive environment for all young people.”

“We believe that this relationship-based approach to mental health and wellbeing should be shared with others and Beacon School Status is awarded.”

Commended for quality of our Communications

“The establishment of such a caring community where parents understand the values of the school and feel they can approach the school without hesitation.”

“Personalised, inclusive approach to admission offering support and opportunities to embrace the community aspects of the school.”

Commendation for Outside of the Classroom offering

“The wide range of extracurricular activities offered. The school ethos of celebrating all children’s talents and interests is a strong motivator for ensuring a diverse offering.”

“All students are encouraged to engage with the outside world actively, with strong values and confidence that the school’s family atmosphere nurtures.”

“A collective responsibility for the world is encouraged, which starts with the school, and then expands locally and globally.”

Would you like to find out more about our school? We warmly invite you to see our school on a tour with our headteacher. Get in touch with us on visit@ibis-school.com to arrange your visit.