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I.B.I.S. teachers are fully qualified to teach all general areas of our curriculum. Regular in-service training keeps I.B.I.S. teachers abreast of changes and refines teaching skills. In addition to class teachers there are teachers for German, Learning Development in support and extension, English as an additional language (EAL), swimming and music. There are currently 25 full-time and part-time teachers and 16 teaching assistants representing 11 different nationalities.

Parent surveys show that the staff is the warm heart of I.B.I.S. and that they are the reason why many families seek out the school. I.B.I.S. enjoys a high reputation in the community and this is due to the dedication of all members of staff.

Philip Wharton


Tara O’Shea

Deputy Head

Susanne Philippen

Business Manager

Cloé Lesné

Office Adminstrator

Sonja Williams

Office Administrator / Medical Advisor