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I.B.I.S. Support Association

Support Association of Independent Bonn International School e.V.

The support association of the Independent Bonn International School (Förderverein I.B.I.S. e.V.) was founded in August 2001, is registered and recognised as a non-profit organisation and acts as a financial supporter of the school association and its affiliated groups.

The association is led by a board of directors elected from among the members and consists of a chairman, a deputy chairman, a treasurer and a secretary.

The support association determines the membership fees necessary to maintain the high academic standards of I.B.I.S., whilst ensuring that the cost is fair for members. The association works in close coordination with the headteacher and the school association. It ensures that the school’s financial resources are secure and are only used for purposes that correspond to the established principles and goals of its members.

Doreen Sattler


Jessica Parker

Vice Chairperson

Irene Grafenhofer


Katie Lilly