Visiting Independent Bonn International School

Arrange your visit

The best way to find out about our school and to really get a feel for our unique atmosphere, is to arrange a visit during school hours. You’ll receive a private tour of our school with our headteacher, Mrs O’Shea and be able to look in on classrooms, tour the whole facility and get all of your questions answered.

In our experience, families finish the tour often ‘knowing’ whether the school is a good fit for them, and we’re happy to say that it almost always is.

To arrange your visit, get in touch with our office and let us know the current age of your children, and when you would potentially join. They are looking forward to hearing from you and arranging a time that suits everyone.


IBIS is an international primary school for children aged 3 – 13. The language of instruction is English and there is a full German department to facilitate entry to the German system of education. The school is a registered Ersatzschule and inspected by both NRW education authorities and international accreditors.