We are excited to announce that Tara O’Shea is the new Headteacher of Independent Bonn International School (IBIS), replacing the departing Philip Wharton. As well as five years in the role of Deputy Headteacher at IBIS, Mrs O’Shea brings 30 years of teaching experience to the role. Prior to joining IBIS, she was the Assistant Directress at the Montessori Preschool in Bonn.

Stepping into the role of Deputy Headteacher at IBIS, Kate Ferrow follows her own mother who held the same role at our school before retiring in 2010.

The welcoming atmosphere at this international school is what sets it apart, explains Mrs O’Shea: “We know that academic achievement goes hand in hand with wellbeing, and that a happy student is more likely to reach their potential. IBIS is special, and we intend to keep it that way. My focus, as I begin my first year, will be on facilitating our teachers and staff, and in helping children and families to settle and feel a valued part of our school community.”